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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 16, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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fans take their own swings at the case against barry bonds. plus the bay area gaming company goes public but not everyone is coming out a winner. . complete bay area news coverage starts right now. [ no audio ] . good evening, it is friday december 16th i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. a judge says the state failed to give proper consideration to an alternative consideration for the death penalty. executions have been on hold now for years. >> reporter: this 9 page
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ruling effectively resets the death penalty clock. it means the state has to go back to the drawing board to come up with a new procedure to conduct executions here. >> reporter: prisoners doing time on death row bought a little more time before any of them might see the inside of the prison's new death chamber. the clock stopped today right here in supreme court division e. the judge struck down the state's newly adopted lethal injection procedure. >> the department of correction and rehabilitation had done this right the first time we would not be here. >> the judge's ruling says, in part, that they did not give enough consideration to an alternative to california's 3- drug lethal injection. currently two states use a 1- drug injection. >> the 3-drug creates a risk that the inmate will be suffering pain from the 3rd drug but unable to, in any way,
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express that pain because the second drug is a paralidic. >> they are talking about the last 10 seconds of a remorseful killer's life. i don't understand why anybody cares about that. >> reporter: he told me he never thought about the death penalty until his daughter was murdered 18 years ago. >> no. i can not look at pictures too much. >> reporter: polyis frozen in time -- polly is frozen in time. she would be 30 years old now, her killer is still on death row. >> unless things change radically no he will not be executed. he may outlive me. he may outlive you. >> reporter: now, this decision effectively delays any death penalty from being reenstated for a year. the department of corrections and rehabilitation had no comment. reporting live outside of san
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quentin prison, back to you. more details now, nearly six years since california carried out an execution. clarence ray alan was put to death in 2006. he spent 23 years on death row. you can learn more about the death penalty in california at including an explanation of the hows and the whys. after 8 years of legal wrangling barry bonds learned about his fate. he will not go to prison. he was sentenced to 30 days of house arrest and two years probation. she ordered bonds to pay a $4,000 fine and serve 250 hours of community service. prosecutors called the sentence quote almost laughable. bonds was in court late this morning for the sentencing at san francisco's federal building. as soon as the judge issued the ruling she ordered a stay so they can appeal. >> at the moment he is branded a felon. we think unjustly, and we just
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as we aggressively fought the case at trial we intend to fight it on appeal. >> reporter: the home run champ was found guilty of one couldn't of felony obstruction -- count of felony obinstruction. he gave misleading testimony. well it seems it will keep -- we will see if he will be kept out of the hall of fame or if it will be repaired. three are still question. some wonder if the case against bonds was worth the cost. >> reporter: if he leads the legacy of a legend. >> i am a huge bonds fan. >> reporter: or a liar is up in the air. >> i don't think he was innocent but he is being made an example of. >> reporter: for giant fans today's punishment hit the crime. >> a slap on the wrist he got something rather than nothing.
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other players out there, i am sure have been in his position and got away with it. >> reporter: baseball fans debated the merits of the case. for many, steroids were the heart of the issue and prosecutors did not try bonds for taking performance- enhancing drugs. >> to me it was a waste of a lot of money for a lot of years. >> reporter: price kendall who plays professional baseball in canada says his legacy should be about home runs but instead he has been an example of what could happen if you are even suspected of taking drugs. >> it helps a player like myself, who is not the biggest and strongest. >> reporter: and a tale about telling the truth. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. a penn state coach today gave graphic testimony in the first hearing tied to the jerry sandusky sex allegation. the judge in that case decided, ahead in 12 minutes. now, to oakland, a judge
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sentenced an alleged gang member to life in prison for the near fatal shooting of a fremont police officer. the 21-year-old was convicted of attempted murder in august 2010 shooting. capture inside san diego county days after the shooting. the officer, todd young, was trying to arrest him on felony evasion and domestic charges when he opened fire hitting young twice. he spent two months in the hospital. he hopes to return to the force next summer. san jose police say they launched an internal investigation of a deadly officer-involved shooting that took place last night. it started at 11:00 p.m. when the officers approached a man carrying an open container of beer. they ended up having to chase the man in a house where he pulled a handgun from his waistband and toss today in a bathroom. >> there was an individual in that bedroom who saw the
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officer and -- bathroom, saw the officer and they raised the gun and pointed it at the office and the officer shot him. >> the man shot was identified as 47-year-old glendo. a man, shot by the police in san francisco, has died. a resident of lower knob hill took this video after the shoots wednesday afternoon. the police say the man started running after a traffic stop and opened fire on two officers. he was taken to san san francisco general and suckum -- succumbed to his injuries last night. a candlelight vigil is underway honoring two lives that were cut short by gunfire. a mas shooting last month took the life of 23-month-old lawrence junior, and you
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remember 3-year-old carlos who was shot and killed this past summer. earlier a horse-drawn carriage carrying the casket of the little boy traveled 20 blocks to the boy's funeral. hundreds of people attend the service. 20 people spoke. most calling for an end to the violence. >> talking to them at the hospital they don't want more violence. >> reporter: he was buried in hayward. he would of turned two years old at the end of this month. now to tonight's economy watch. a closely watched ipo that failed to get traction. bay area zynga saw a hit on the first day of trading. [music] >> the social netting company opening bell from the san francisco headquarters. it was priced at $10 and went as high as $11.50 before going lower. by the end of trading it fallen
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50 cents or 5% closing at $9.50. on wall street, a morning rally fizzled fitch fell. the nasdaq rose 14. the numbers out today show california's unemployment rate is at the lowest rate since may of 2009. it fell to 11.3% in november. that is down sharply from 11.7% the previous month. the state add just 6600 new jobs in november. compared to 37,000 in october. analysts say we can expect rosie numberses every month and that the state is on -- numbers every month and that the state is on a up and down path. here is a look at the county by county for the bay area. all nine counties are below the state average and only one remains in double digits. silotto has 10.6%.
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marin has the lowest with 6 is .9% unemployment. 200 workers at a bay area steel company was given their walking papers. it has nothing to do with downsizing. that story in a few minutes. occupiers are employing something new. caroling. the group moved through banks sing ising "frosty the poor man." they are trying to bring attention to the economic equity in america. they protested passage of the defense authorization act of 2012. the protesters say the act authorizes indefendant military detention of suspected terrorists without pro tebgting saturday right to trial. >> we say that is unamerican. we want our due process observed and american citizens
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should be extempt but barack obama included all-americans. a thorpe in the side of oakland, a dozen protesters converged on the plaza today and set up chairs and anum an umbrella. some people tried to put a tent up but the officers took it down. they arrested two protesters and issued citations to others. they told us that the officers took a table, food, sleeping bags, blankets, chairs and were told that their umbrellas were a were a violation. thousands can look forward to a nice meal for the holiday thanks to volunteers at a church. >> tons of good stuff. we have obviously the turkey, we got bread, corn, potatoes -- >> the church held the grocery
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hand out this morning. the line stretched for several city blocks and some streets were shutdown for the event. some people waited 24 hours before the bags full of food were handed out starting at 7:30 this morning. the city of san francisco set sail on one of the first major development projects for the america's cup race. although some groups are not yet on board. after 12 years mountain view finally gets a new fire station. >> back here in 10 minutes. i have the forecast. it is going to be cold for saturday morning and plenty of frost. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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. employees with their hands raised, freed from an office building after a deadly
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shooting. it happened at 2:00 this afternoon in the los angeles county city of irwindale. three people, including the gunman died inside of the building that belongs to southern california edison. they say the gunman was an employee. new oddo mated valves can quickly shut off power to high pressure gas line like the one that burst in san bruno. the lines are programmed to shutdown if they detect an abnormal event. this comes days after pg&e released a statement taking responsibility. a company is about to fire one third of their workers before the holidays. it started with a federal investigation. >> reporter: the spectacular steel casting company says it does not want it but has no
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choice. an inspiring 200 employees, they are firing. some have left and the rest will depart in a few weeks. some workers have been with the company for more than 20 years. >> it has been a very difficult situation that the company did not invite to happen here. >> reporter: it is a result of custom enforcement or ice. they say they found 200 workers had improper documents and must be fired. one worker who is not dismissed say these are difficult times here. >> very nice people, hardworking people. it is hard. >> reporter: a spokesperson for. c.e. says they usual he act on tips and it is not to takeaway jobs and send a message to companies there will be consequences. pacific steel says it did not know their documents were improper. >> some of the documents may not of had the correct social security numbers on them. there is now a system where
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they -- where there is an instant verification required. that was not the case when those employees were hired. >> reporter: this afternoon job seekers came calling. >> i would like to see if i can get a job. >> reporter: the folks here is a the fired workers will have to find other jobs or perhaps, even, leave the country. in berkeley, rob ross, ktvu. we are following new developments today in the run up to the america's cup yacht races. construction on a new cruise ship terminal is expected on pier 27. san francisco's mayor announced a new deal with race organizers. shifting the marina to the ferry building to pier 54. , and as expected environmental groups appealed yesterday's approval of the environmental impact report. >> san francisco has a new big name tenant. they just signed an 11 year lease for several floors at 370 street to serve as the headquarters. they are the media arm of the
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ncaa pac-12 conference. the new space will be used for officers and a studio for the pac-12 networks. it will televise 850 live sporting events every year. >> providing graphic testimony this morning during a hearing to determine two former administrators should stand trial. he described what he could believe jerry sandusky in a locker room in 2002. he took the stand for penn state former athletic director as well as the former vice president. the two men are accused of lying to a grand jury about what he told him. the judge ordered them to stand trial. kobe bryant's wife filed for divorce. irreconcilable differences. they have been through trying times together. he was charged with sexual assault in 2003 and his wife appeared at the news conference
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you are looking at here and vowed to stand by him. the couple just marked their 10th anniversary this past april. it has been 12 years in the making but today mountain view's fire department is in a new home. we show you the modern new station that serves high-tech giants. >> this was fire station number 5. a big portable in a dirt lot. >> a trailer, a double wide. a trailer. >> take a look at what has replaced it. a 10 foot firehouse. >> these firefighters have their own room. >> be sides their own private area they have their own bedroom. it was built with environmentally friendly materials with many windows to save on electricity. another feature, the fire poll that was put in for actual use. >> another reason the fire poll was put in the station, tradition. who does not love sliding down a fire pole? >> the fire station is long
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overdue. it was actually approved by the city council in 1998. but the economic down hurricane turn kept getting in the way. it serves northside of 101 including google. >> this will make their jobs easier and help the city and the citizens of mountain view. a blessing for us. >> the garage houses the fire engineer and a new hazardous material vehicle. a major step up compared to what they used to use. >> we used to have a large budweiser delivery truck that we converted into a hazmat rig. >> as they get used to their quarters finishing touches are put on the inside and outside of the building. >> it is worth the wait. >> welcome home fire station 5. >> ktvu channel 2 news. >> there were happy reunions this morning for the crew of the coast guard cutter. they returned home just in time for the holidays after being
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deployed to the pacific -- pacific for 2 months. >> well, this santa does not need a sleigh. he gets around just fine on a motorcycle. why some officers traded blue for red today. another day of sunshine and cool weather. chief meteorologist bill martin tells us if the sun is going to stick around straight,the holidays. ?h [ screaming ]
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. oakley got more bike friendly today. they held a gathers to celebrate the completion of 18 miles of bike lane and hundreds of new bike racks, oakland has just shy of 116 miles of bike lane. hay are a bicycle friendly city last year. bill we talked about the really cold nights but really nice days. >> yes. and it was super cold last night. a lot of frost. tonight, no exception, cold again today or tomorrow morning but the day time highs, today got up to 73 degrees, santa rosa, 71. most of us in the low 60s. tomorrow will be a nice day. look at the temperature drop rapid he. the temperatures in the valleys t is 48 degrees. now, -- it is 48 degrees. there could be fog tonight. hikely you will bump into frost out there.
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as we have this morning. be prepared for that. when i talk to you about forecast stuff hazardous to your driving fog is not hazardous on the roadways it is not that just the clearing of the windshields, visibility out your car. with that in mind think about giving yourself time to warm up your car a little. you know the areas, tomorrow morning it is going to be bad. these are the highs from today. 71 in santa rosa and 67 in napa. those are the hot spots because when the sinks the air warms as it sinks. 71 in santa rosa. look at san rafael they just made 63 degrees. it fans out and does not get compressed as aggressively. high pressure is the story. i wish we had rain to talk about. we need rain. snow in the mountains and right now this pattern will not deliver that for us. this pattern will deliver more
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fog, more very cold overnight lows. 29 in santa rosa, 34 in fairfield. patchy frost, you will find fog but not widespread. frost in the forecast. we go into the bay area weekend. the forecast highs tomorrow are going to be back into the low 60s. long-range forecast is dry. that is how it is going to go. with that in mind, 60 in fairfield, 61 in napa. cooler than they were today. still, nice day. little bit of valley fog, frosty when you wake up. plenty of sunshine for saturday. nice day. you might as well enjoy it. when it starts to rain it will go. it is december. it has been dry and it has been nice. you know what? the bay area weekend will be nice and dry. >> cold in the morning hours. there is the bay area weekend in view. >> thank you, bill. santa took to two wheels in oakland. the man in red got an assist for members of the oakland police department traffic
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division. santa and his elzes cruised with presents. that is our report, i'm gasia mikaelian, thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we willy see you the next -- we will see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues on our web site tmz is up next right here on tv36 [ female announcer ] what's so great about...jcpcash?
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